A Peg or Two… Up or Down?

The British navy frequently used this expression in the 18th century. In those days, the importance of a ship was determined by how high its colors or flags were flying. These flags or colors were raised or lowered by a system of pegs: the higher the peg to which the flag was attached, the greater the ship’s honor. So if the flag was tied to the highest peg, it implied that it was a very important ship. When the flag was placed on a lower peg, it implied that the honor given to it was not great. So when you bring or take someone down a peg or two, what you are actually doing is lowering or reducing the honor or esteem of that particular individual.

With all of the news channels and websites picking and choosing what they want to cover, regardless of what normal humans deem important, one group of people decided that they were tired of keeping their peace. Not journalists, they had to find another outlet for their frustration and desire to share their own opinions on what “professional” journalists present as the most important issues and information in the world. We welcome others to come and make contributions to the site, asking only that they not be professionals and that they select a pseudonym rather than a more generic username. We will do our best to present as many sides of issues discussed here as we are able to locate and welcome tips from visitors on issues that we might have overlooked…. especially when those issues are shoved to the middle of the newspaper, so to speak. Whether the discussion on this post takes the original author down a peg or two… or raises them up… depends on the opinion of the one posting it. If we disagree with something where an alternative solution is possible, we might just have an idea or two on what that could be ourselves. This site isn’t left wing… it isn’t right wing… it’s just humans expressing their opinions of the news.