Advocacy Agreement

The agreement, usually between local authorities or public health services and the representation of interest, determines the amount of funds received by the organization, the geographical areas covered, those responsible for representing interests and the duration of the funding. (See service level agreement) Calendar 1 Terms and Conditions 1.1 Subject to the law, these Terms and Conditions (conditions of general) are the only conditions applicable to us with respect to the provision of services. 1.2 By signing the agreement, you will provide us with the services on these terms. The commitment will continue until one of the parties is terminated in writing. 1.3 In return for us who provide the services, you must pay the fees before the purchase of the property is counted (or the terms of the invoice provided). You are liable for the costs if the compensation is not made for any reason that is beyond our control. 1.4 If you terminate the contract, you are liable for the costs if you enter into a contract to acquire a property that we have identified within 120 days of the termination of the contract. 1.5 Payment is considered to have been made on the date we receive approved funds. 1.6 Our fees are limited exclusively by GST (unless otherwise stated) and will eventually be charged for GST. 1.7 Subject to the law, we are not required to reimburse you for services and we are not liable (including liability for negligence) to a person for loss or damage, subsequent damage or any otherwise incurred or incurred by that person with respect to services. 1.8 You acknowledge and consent that: (1) we do not offer you financial advice and you will carry out your own due diligence regarding the acquisition of a property; (2) You will not rely on advice from us to decide whether or not you wish to acquire a property; (3) We cannot guarantee the financial income of a property you have acquired; (4) Although we will notify you if we have any doubts about the condition of a property, we do not guarantee the condition of a property you have acquired and we recommend that you call in a qualified real estate inspector if you have any concerns; (5) All opinions we issue are based on our knowledge of the market, but we are not licensed appraisers and we cannot provide you with an sworn assessment of a property; and (6) You must have independent advice regarding the contract for the sale of the property.