Learning Agreement Uni Basel

Create an online learning contract for collecting credits on an individual and extracurricular basis (outside of regular courses and courses). After approval by the relevant teaching committee, the contract is put online by the Dean of Study and evaluated by the competent member of the faculty (downloadable as a PDF file). If you are a student with a physical, sensory or medical disability or learning difficulties, please contact the Welfare Office, which provides you with information and assistance. The Student Exchange Office, which coordinates exchange programmes at the University of Basel, is currently working with contacts in different departments to ensure student availability through a bilateral agreement with partner universities. For more information and applications, please contact the relevant departments. No apprenticeship contract is required for doctoral studies at another university (z.B LTK1), but a (original) confirmation of success must be submitted to the Dean. To recognize these doctoral points, confirmation must be signed by the first manager before submitting them to the Dean. The University of Basel has bilateral agreements with various European and non-European universities. Under these agreements, students at the University of Basel have the opportunity to study one or two semesters abroad. Credit points can also be awarded for activities/benefits outside the university`s course and course program (e.g. B conference contributions), which are defined in the Apprenticeship Contract (LC).

Before the activity/benefit for which they wish to obtain credits, PhD students are required to create an LC in MOnA (online services), to forward the document to the First Data Protection Delegate for further processing. Important: It is worth providing a significant title for the activity, as this will appear on the grad transcript. This title cannot be changed at a later date. The first supervisor sends the completed form to the competent employee of the department or institute – in the DBM, it is Nicole Schaeren-Wiemers who then verifies the compliance of the LC in accordance with the rules of the University of Basel for the award of points. Subject to respect, it will confirm the LC. LC`s activity will be evaluated at a later date by the first data protection controller and the evaluation will be included in the online evaluation system. Once the checklist is processed, the credited activity is displayed in the participant`s academic progress summary. As part of the program, mobility grants are awarded for one to two semesters of study at a partner university and now for internships of two to twelve months.

The program distinguishes between specialized mobility agreements and interdisciplinary agreements. Students remain enrolled in their home university and pay their tuition fees. The Student Exchange Office coordinates exchanges at the University of Basel. In order to study as an exchange student at the University of Basel, your home university must have a bilateral agreement with the University of Basel for the field of study you wish to study here. . The following institutions and organisations provide information on housing: Housing As part of the programme, mobility grants are organised for studies of one to two semesters at a partner university and new internships of two to twelve months. Under the programme, it may be possible to implement specialized mobility agreements and interdisciplinary agreements. Students remain enrolled in their host school and pay their tuition fees.