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In 2013, the Canadian crime series Republic of Doyle and Murdoch Mysteries produced a crossover[20] made difficult by the incompatible historical attitudes of the shows; Murdoch Mysteries is a historical series from the 1890s, while Republic of Doyle plays in the present. The problem was solved by crossing the actors as parents of their main characters; Allan Hawco appeared in the Murdoch Mysteries episode on November 25, 2013, as Jacob Doyle, an ancestor of his 19th century character, Jake Doyle, while Yannick Bisson appeared in an episode of The Republic of Doyle in January 2014 as Bill Murdoch, descended from his regular character William Murdoch in the 21st century. [20] On other occasions, crossovers can occur between established shows without a network or production community, but simply because there is a narrative justification for the crossover. Detective John Munch (of NBC`s Homicide: Life on the Street) appeared in Fox`s X-Files only because the episode revolved around a crime scene in Baltimore, a logical place for the characters in The X-Files, munch. Munch also starred in the NBC television series Law and Order, where there was an episode that began in that series in New York and ended in Baltimore on Homicide: Life on the Street. Later, when Homicide came out of the air in 1999, Detective Munch left Baltimore to move to New York and until October 2013 became a solid character (as New York City Detective Munch) in the NBC Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. One. The contractor entrusts/grants the manufacturer all rights of use, ancillary rights and other copyrighted rights relating to the development, preparation and manufacture of the work or the provision of the services provided by the contractor when establishing or transferring these rights to the contractor, for the purpose of exclusive and freely transferable use, over time, unlimited content and content. To the extent that the rights of the personality are affected, the contractor heresafter declares his consent to the full use and exploitation of the work within the meaning of the first sentence. Depending on the type of film (for example. B 360-degree films) of production, recordings of images and sounds can also be made by the contractor and/or by the contractor`s collaborators/assistants. The contractual issuance of rights/consent also applies to the registrations of the contractor and/or the contractor`s associates/assistants. The contractor will receive the necessary agreement from the staff/aid organizations, the parodicum crossovers can be directly identified as being outside the continuity of one or all of the real estate that crosses.

A good example is the crossover between the Simpsons and The X-Files, which has been widely accepted as being outside the standard X-Files continuity. 3. If the other party does not make a declaration within one month of the claim, the claim expires if it is not executed in court within three months of the expiry of that one-month period. 8. In the event that claims are invoked by third parties that are contrary to the guarantee of the rights of item 7 and the declarations of item 6, the contractor exempts the manufacturer from any third-party claims, including the related legal and defence costs.