Writers Guild Option Agreement

Credit (s) credit (s) is included in the entire advertisement if the director or producer is included. A filmography for credited authors must also be included in the standard printing and electronic press files, in the domestic version of the laser disc or DVD or in a website dedicated to the film, if one is included for the director. (Each participating author makes a filmography available to the company`s advertising and advertising department.) Credited authors must be interviewed in press files, DVDs or laser discs for the purpose of recording the material, unless the company has otherwise reported it. (TV plan A) Send the full message of provisional writing points and a copy of the Final Shooting Script to all participating authors of the project and guild. Participating authors are authors who have been employed for writing services or who have sold material under the jurisdiction of the WGA for the project. The company must list in the press release the names of all participating authors and propose written credit that the company considers in good faith to be a specific credit. (The communication should be sent directly to the author or designated representative of the author.) (paragraph 11 of the TV plan A) In the event of a credit arbitration procedure, send three copies of all literary material to the guild. (paragraph 15 of the TV plan A.) In New Zealand, unlike other screen industries, there is no minimum agreement to provide a profit margin for authors` prices and inclusion conditions. The Employment Relations Act, which allows unions to negotiate with employers, does not cover any contractors and most writers in New Zealand work as contractors. This is why it is essential that authors ensure that their contracts are complete and that they sufficiently manage the relationship between themselves and the producer.

Formal agreements have occurred in many forms, they must contain all the following points (as well as any other additional information relevant to the specific project). Party /party – the people who take the agreement. You can sign yourself as long as you are two legal persons (for example. B a manufacturer and a production company). Notify all participating authors in writing of the following names or authors within a reasonable time after the employment of each subsequent author. (Article 18) The use of this contract can and will make your life easier, both at the time of the negotiation of the agreement and in those unfortunate cases where a dispute arises at a later date. We believe that this contract can help ensure that writers are paid earlier, reduce disputes over the language of the contract and eliminate the inclusion of unexpected and unwelcome provisions, which are too often discovered after the contract is signed.